KTM 690 Gen 4 Kit


Kit Details

Omega Fibre, a premier manufacturer of advanced composite materials and Rally Bike equipment, has announced an all-new 4th Generation Rally Kit for the 2019 - 2022 KTM 690 Enduro. This next generation kit combines years of in-house research and development with highly advanced composite material technology in order to provide the user with a long-distance adventure/race machine that is as lightweight, durable, and versatile as possible.

The various components of the 4th Generation KTM 690 Rally Kit feature the tried-and-true composite material construction that was utilized in the 1st-Gen kit, ensuring the product is as strong and light as possible. Key design changes have resulted in a slightly reduced overall weight, with the 4th-Gen kit landing at 15.2 Kg compared to the 1st-Gen kit’s overall weight of 15.6 Kg.

Some of these key design changes include the entire front and upper areas of the bike using an even narrower design than the 3rd Gen kit, providing the bike with a very light and slim look as well as reducing the overall aerodynamic profile of the machine. An entirely new windscreen provides optimal wind resistance, while the sleeker and lighter carbon fiber composite navigation tower now houses 2 LED lights enable excellent lighting in all riding conditions.

New forward fuel tanks hold 6.5L per side and are interlinked between each other and the OEM rear fuel tank; this design results in all 3 fuel tanks draining equally while the machine in use which ensures unchanging, optimal weight distribution. A petcock placed between each fuel tank provides the rider with the option of choosing how to manage the motorcycle’s fuel supply. Standard exhaust routing is maintained thanks to a carefully designed and heat-insulated left side fuel tank. The 690 OEM fuel pump is relocated from its original position in the rear fuel tank to the forward right-hand side fuel tank; this positions the fuel pump at the lowest point of any fuel tank. 

Front tower is manufactured from Carbon fibre and houses the high and low beam LED lights
• Tower is painted Satin Black with base kit
• Lower Bash-plate is included and also constructed from the same materials
• Base kit components all manufactured from Carbon fibre/kevlar but have been painted,should some of these components be specified by customer to have the carbon fibre weave visible on the finish then there are additional costs on these components
• Kit parts are painted in single colour of customers choice,2K automotive paint used
• Clear screen is included in the kit
• If the kit is installed on the bike there is an installation cost
• For export customers Base kit is $6956 US exl freight,tax and duties we can arrange freight and will quote according to destination,payment via bank transfer or paypal,additional fees apply for paypal payments



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