Kit Details

Kit weight including all the hardware = 16kg
• The fuel pump is relocated from the rear standard tank,this allows you to access all of the fuel as many of the other kits leave the pump in the original position and and this is why they cut there tanks shorter as the fuel cannot be accessed and they rely on gravity feed.

The standard exhaust routing is maintained to there is no empty cavity where the rear canister would sit if using a upswept pipe and no messing with the fueling and performance by changing the exhaust routing . .
The key lock stays in the standard position and the steering lock is still functional . .
Kit is 5280 USD and this consists of;
front headlight fairing,
lower front fender,
front subframe that houses the two headlights,
left and right side tanks,
bash plate and seat,
kit also comes painted in a single colour of your choice and includes all parts required for assembly .
there is no modification to the standard bike and all fittings are KTM adaptors,so once kit is taken off the bike can be moved to a newer model if needed
The kit will work on a 2008 to current model

KTM (gen 2) 690 

Race proven winner in the Amageza Rally...


Not Included - the decal kit is not included and you can design your own kit with Richard from RS Graffix,the complete kit is around 330US
Not Included - is a New 690 KTM.