"Something that is worth mentioning is that our tester, Thomas Eich (who actually won this year’s event overall), participated on the original bike he built for Juan Ballester and me two years ago. Thomas is the owner of Omega Fibreglass and supplies various special parts for bikes in carbon and fi breglass. In the road racing world he would be most famous for making racing kits for bikes around the world, even for the Isle of Man. In the off-road world, his 990  additional 4.5 litre side fairing fuel tanks can be seen internationally too. When KTM stopped producing the 640 and just brought out the scrambler 690, Thomas took it upon himself to manufacture a “Dakar” kind of bike. After spending 1000s of kilometres on mine and having the opportunity to actually ride a proper 450 Dakar bike (yes, the factory 450 is in another league), for a fraction of the price you can convert your 690 into something that can actually beat the factory bikes. To Thom, well done on your result, you can keep your job here at SuperBike for one more year.


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